About Us

Echo is a successful research and development organization that currently supplies other larger manufacturers with audio test and measurement equipment, AVB testing tools, and audio hardware for military and commercial flight training.

The Company began designing and manufacturing computer audio products in 1980. Echo was an early pioneer in the computer-based voice technology field. Echo’s audio peripherals and speech compression were standard products in the education and special needs markets.

In the 1990’s, Echo went on to develop one of the first multi-track recording products for the PC and Mac markets. During that time Echo licensed its technology to numerous audio and semiconductor companies and began marketing a family of pro audio recording products for the studio, home recording, and broadcast markets.

Over the past decade, Echo has moved away from pro audio and has been successful designing and manufacturing acoustic test products for a large customer in the cell phone and consumer electronics industries.

Echo is a closely-held company, located in Santa Barbara, California, with a management team that has been in place since 1981.